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love letters to union
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All This Time
The Sun Never Says To The Earth,

"You Owe

Look What Happens
With a Love Like That
It Lights The

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this space is a web-temple
this internet temple is a portal for the infinite to be channelled through
to embody the collective divine consciousness of the myriad multidimensional deities and angels

this space is not about me :: it is not about you
it is about the holy, the divine, the source of creation
it is a space of worship and meditation

use this space as you would any sacred energy site
sit, breathe, feel, meditate deeply with the images and poetry
all is meant to serve the awakening to the deeper reality
and the transformation of consciousness blooming on mama gaia

to browse the site, please click on the ( ( ( + and + ) ) ) at the bottom of the page.

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may all beings be liberated, inspired, filled with love and joyfulness
may all beings find their authentic selves and embody their innate spiritual power
may all beings be at peace within themselves and with others

. : blessed be : .

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n a m a s t e
i honor the divinity that is inherent within you

may you come to witness and embody the god.dess.ence within yourself